The US SAILING Regatta Network product line features two modules created by sailors for sailors -- Our world class regatta registration and management package and a member management module designed specifically for one design class associations.

US SAILING Regatta Network Event Management System

It takes more than wind and water to run a successful sailing event today. Today's events run on data -- Data about the event, data about the sailors and their boats, data about the races and results.

US SAILING Regatta Network helps you manage this flood of data by capturing relevant information about each entrant with an easy to use template driven registration system.

FAST -- The system gets registration for your regatta online in a matter of minutes. Since the registration process is a hosted application, it can be managed from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Not only is the system fast for the organizer, it is fast for the entrants as well. Functional, logical entry forms can capture information on skipper, boat and crew.

FLEXIBLE -- The registration system is flexible enough for virtually any type of event -- Fleet Races, Junior Regattas, Team Races, Series Races, Distance Races, Match Races, or Pursuit Start Events.

Entrant data is available online 24/7, and easily exported to most popular scoring programs -- JavaScore, RaceSail, Sailwave, St Petes Scorer, etc. US SAILING Regatta Network also provides online scoring for PHRF (TOD & TOT), Portsmouth, IRC, ORC, and One Design which automatically publishes your results to the Internet and your web site.

In addition to registration, through the online store the system can accept pre-orders for meals, merchandise, raffle tickets or charters.  The system not only accepts the orders on your behalf, it also tracks inventory requirements for free event give-aways (shirts, caps, etc) as well as additional merchandise purchases.

And as the organizer, you have the options to accept payment by check credit card, check or charge to yacht club member accounts

AFFORDABLE -- There are no set-up fees, no software to buy, no credit card or merchant account charges. No set up fees. No monthly minimums.

Credit card funds we collect on your behalf are forwarded to you every two weeks. Any checks(by mail), cash or club charge entries are collected directly by the organizing club. With each check we send you an itemized statement showing the funds collected by category and for each entrant.

The charge for US SAILING member clubs or class associations is 7% on registrations and 4.5% for other ecommerce charges (meals & merchandise). For non-US SAILING member clubs there is a 3% surcharge for all charges.

Membership Management for One Design & Yacht Racing Associations.

US SAILING Regatta Network leverages our database experience to provide a new web based membership management console designed specifically for one design class associations, and YRAs. Key features of the system include: 

  • Online registration of new members
  • Capture the information you need:
    • Membership Type (individual, junior, family)
    • Membership Number - Assigned if requested
    • Basic Member Data
      • Name
      • Address
      • City, State, Zip, Country
      • Phone
      • Email
      • Birth date
    • Boat Information
      • Boat Type
      • Sail Number
      • Hull Number
    • Family Member Information
      • Name
      • Boat Type
      • Sail Number
      • Hull Number
  • The online renewal process for existing members assures that their information is updated and correct.
  • Multiple membership levels (Regular, Family, Junior, and Multi-Year)
  • Online payment processing by e-check, credit or debit card
  • The online member database offers tiered access levels for National, Regional, District, or local administrators
  • Membership database fully searchable by name, member number, city, state, sail number, district/region or boat type
  • Membership management console easily processes new members and facilitates distribution of new member packets either by mail or electronically
  • Broadcast email announcements to members by city, state, district/region boat type or member status 
  • Membership information is available 24/7 from any computer with Internet access 
  • Full integration with the Regatta Network event management system to enforce class membership and US Sailing membership (if required)

For additional information or an online demo of the Regatta Network Online Membership Management Module, contact Ken Taylor at 866-987-2638 or by email at